New projects in the works :

I am currently writing songs in the musical styles and language (era-specific lyrics) of different times in American history such as the 1950s, 1970s as well as modern pop and old folk styles which I am developing into movie musicals. I have a background in theater and I love great stories in all forms. I like to combine theater with music so simple solution: make musicals 😊🎶.

I love jazz and Broadway classics and some country cover songs from Patsy Cline to Hank Williams and I write and perform gospel songs had begun singing in church at the age of three.

I am a maker of cartoons, iPad doodles, free-form poems, and DIY collage album covers. 

I am working on a movie musical called Bernadette about my own family tree and family history in the Colorado mining country in and around Leadville which will feature various artists. Bernadette the Musical Soundtrack coming fall/winter of 2021.

All of the above is very fun and I love the process of creating and the result of meeting people through these universally understood expressions and having opportunities to collaborate with other artists. I hope you enjoy the music! Thanks for listening. 😊